scgamecock 's eggs SUPER hatch rate! I got pics!


12 Years
Jan 31, 2007
Here are a couple pics of the chickies I'll get more when they are dry and out of the bator!

These eggs were amazing! We had some temp fluctuations that worried me but I am having the best hatch I have had yet! And they are such a great mix of breeds! I am so thrilled!
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QUESTION????????????? Do you have any naked necks? I just had the UGLIEST chick pop out of one of your eggs about 2 minutes ago!
I was like come on baby you can do it! Then OH MY GOSH! NO feathers from th head to the chest just a little on top. LOL! He is just so homely he's cute! I'll get better pics once he's dry.
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Ok got one of two of the dry ones and I tried to get a pic of the new little naked neck through the bator window. He kept trying to jump up and get to me every time I talked to him.
Yes I do have two naked neck hens but no roo's.I think the gene is dominate so therefore it was passed on to the chicks.I'm tickled that you have had such great success.I can't wait for the final tally and pictures of fluffy butts.
? One of the blonde babies came out of a white egg and there is one little ewok looking one that might have been from the white eggs. One is trying but has been that way for a day and no progress not peeping much but when I tried to help it started to bleed so I wrapped it and put it back. Ill check him again later.
I left for an hour and came back and I had three hatched.
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