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7 Years
Sep 9, 2012
Nothern New Jersey
i rly want chickens and my parents excuse is it will ruin my studies at school i have a cockatiel and 4 fish and im doing fine we are even doing a hatching project at school is their anyone who is a student and has chickens to me i think it can be a motivation and my family acts like its a shameful thing and say its for poor ppl talk about mean and not understanding if i like something they go against it full out
I have school and my chickens don't interfere with my studies at all. They're very easy to take care of (my opinion), will your parents help with taking care of them? If not, before school feed your chickens and then feed them after school. That's all i do, and i'm the only one caring for them.
im in high-school, and there are some challenges as trying to pass all tests and exams, while making sure my 5 girls are doing fine. All you have to do it get up a little bit earlier than you usually do s you can get them prepared for the day while youre at school. Once youre home, check on t hem and freshen teir water, food, collect, eggs, etc. Thn you can study or do youre homework.
Just make sure they have enough room to roam and enough food/fresh water while youre gone. They can not be cramped, aso their coop should be a lil bit bigger than they would need just for the nighttime. They should have some outside time, like if youre coop is 1/2 outside, thats perfect! Thts what mine is.

Hope I helped!

so true i mean to me i think they might motivate me i heard pets always help ppl in so many ways other wouldnt bother to understand and the funny part is im dreaming of being a vet
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