School Hatching! HELP!


7 Years
Mar 27, 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada
Ok so, I'm hatching eggs at school. But, I cant just leave the incubator there during the weekend!? School is a 15 minute drive from my house so I'm not sure if I can unplug it and run it home? I'm really worried because there is no way I can leave them at school because my principal can't allow it. Do you think they would be ok if I rushed them home?
Oh yes you'll be fine. A cooling of 15 mins is ok. A hen gets off her best to eat, drink etc :) and can be off her nest for more than 15 mins sometimes even an hour! My incubator has a cooling period of 30 min's or more a day if i want it to....but you will want to try to make the trip as gentle as possible. If you want you can wrap the incubator in a blanket and that will help with keeping it warmer for the trip. Good luck with the hatch!

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