Scissor beak and a lonely chick

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    I have 2 easter eggs chicks I got almost 3 weeks ago, and one has developed a scissor beak problem. I have read the older posts where it's recommeded to file the beak, deep food and water dishes, and of course I could always cull the bird. My question is this, I have 4 other girls in the coop already ( 1year olds) and these 2 were going to be my only additions this year. If I have to cull her would the other one be ok to introduce by herself. I fear being the only little one she'll get picked on more. Also, if anyone has any other info trimming the beak I would appreciate it. I read somewhere you could use a nail file, and that didn't work so well.
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    I have two hens with varying degrees of cross beak, both do just fine as long as the bowl is deep and kept full. But it does depend on how sever it is. I would not put a chick in with adults. I would keep it seperate until it is almost full grown, then seperate one of your older hens that is nicestest to be a friend for the younger girl. Once they bonded I would then try to introduce them both back into the flock.

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