Scissor beak in a conure


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
We have been offered a 6 month old conure...he has scissor beak.

He was hand fed but has not been out of his cage even once in the last 3 months..

I am worried about the scissor beak...I am unsure if it is caused by a misalignment..

Do you think its is likely that he has something going on with his liver at that young age?

Also he has beautiful feathering, healthy looking poops and a very active inquisitive demeanor...

Not sure waht to decide...
That's basically what I was thinking. I don't mind an occasional vet bill, but was concerned that taking him may be like adopting a very large vet bill if his beak deformity is related to liver problems as opposed to nutrition or hand feeding error....

Going to look at him tonight..
it could be a birth defect...
it could be trauma...
it could be malnutition early on (if his feathers are healthy now thats a great sign of no lasting problems, liver issues tend to show themselves quite clearly in dull ragged feathers and a flaky beak.)

my biggest assumption would be its probably caused by a combination of nutrition early on and inexperienced hand feeding, the simple action of syrnge feeding if done incorrectly or forcefully can cause allignment issues...
that combined with the fact that typical hand feeding practice is to get them off formular as quickly as possible (force weaning by removing feedings and leaving food in the cage in hopes that if the birds hungry enough itll eat) can lead to a bird that has ealry issues that dont typically cause issues later on if the bird is put in a better situation, diet and enviroment wise...

my biggest concern would be that hes cage bound at such an early age, youll likely finding yourself dealing with a cage defensive "frightend" bird who has no fear of hands giving him a higher likelyhood of biting rather than trying to get away from your hands...

he certainly deserves a chance of being a wonderfull loving pet and id personally adopt him, get him in a nice big cage with lots of toys on a realy good diet and start slowly on working on taming him back down...
as long as he can eat on his own, if provided with lots of good chewable toys beak maintenence shouldnt be too bad, and if hes healthy looking at this pint i wouldnt be too worried

good luck
Well we did get him, but I think he has a birth defect NOT scissor beak. He is sweet yet hands appear to make him nervous. I'd like to make friends with him but it really isn't a prerequisite. We should have years ahead of us to make friends so I have no need to rush it. And if he is never cuddly and handleable again..thats okay too. I can appreciate his beauty and fun personality without touching..

He goes next week to get one of possibly many professional beak trims. I've already switched his diet to a soft pelleted diet and soft cooked veggies and other soft foods. He has taken to it right away(surprised me as I had a really hard time swithching my tiel to pleelts).

But I was told to feed him soft foods as this diet will likely be required as his beak might be sore after each trim.

here is a pic...How could you have a fellow like this and not even LOOK into possibly fixing his beak or at least making it more manageable for him..
aww poor little guy and i agree, birth defect (or mommy or daddy steped on his beak while in the nest box as ive seen that happen with similar results) hes a cutie though and im sure hell come round quickly.

oh and thank you for taking him in and giving him a chance at a normal helathy and happy long life!

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