Score: Chicks 1, Dog 0

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by libbyhan, May 15, 2010.

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    Apr 27, 2010
    New to chickens. Had our 6 chicks outside for some sun today (in a dog crate). I was sitting down right next to the cage with my 2 dogs. Both dogs are very interested in the chicks and we've been working on boundries with them. Old dog wants to lick them and maybe carry them around like a pup. She had a litter when we adopted her, so she's very maternal. She doesn't seem to be a threat to the chicks, but certianly could hurt one by accident. She also will growl at the other dog or a cat if they come too close to "her" chicks. She's a big fan of chicken poop, too. [​IMG]

    Our young dog weighs about 15 pounds. A terrier mix of some sort. She's only got three legs and is a total wimp. She whines about the chicks and seems interested in their food- standing on her back legs to look into the brooder. She's not snapped or tried to grab one, but we're not giving her a chance to screw up. We've been very strong handed with her- firm limits and lots of positive reinforcement for good behavior. Never leaving her alone with the chicks as we don't need an accident. One "flew" by her the other day and she stayed in her sit/stay. We were very proud. She's a worrier and wants to please us.

    Anyhow, today, I had one chick sitting in my lap in the grass and the young dog came at the chick quickly and she was showing too much interest. I pushed her down on the ground and said a firm "NO". Her face was on the ground close to the dog crate; she was relaxed and wagging her tail at me. Out of no where, one of our 3-4 week old PR chicks came rushing over and pecked the dog right in the eye! [​IMG]

    The dog let out this horrible scream- it had to hurt- and ran away as fast as she could. Tail tucked between her legs and everything. She now won't come within 4 feet of the chicks. [​IMG]

    As the subject says:

    Chicks- 1, dogs- 0


    That's Tres watching the chicks in their "play yard".
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    Thats a cute pic! I have a westie and 2 German shepherds, and I don't trust them as far as I could throw them!
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    I love how patient your girls are being! [​IMG]

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