Scots grey hen has gone mental with US!!

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    Jul 28, 2013
    Hi all- I have two scots grey hens, Mabel and Harriet, that I rehomed together from someone who was moving and had to get rid of them. It's always been just the two of them, and it still is- we have them as pets, not as a food source. They have both alway been lovely, calm affectionate birds both with each other and with us. Harriet went broody, which I understand is rare for a scots grey, and I endured normal broody behaviours. However, now she is just mental. Properly nuts. She doesn't sit on the nest all the time anymore so I'm assuming she is off the brood, but she is SO MEAN! Not just chicken crankiness. She will fly right for your face, and has really hurt my 13 year old son on his arms lots of times. We have to don a heavy leather jacket, gloves, Long pants with soccer shin guards, boots, and a motorcycle helmet just to get near her. Seriously. And I'm NOT one to be scared of animals. She is picking on Mabel terribly as well. I personally can't kill and eat her. It would devastate my 13 year old. Bt she's been like this for several months now and it can't go on. What do I do?!? Help?!?
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    She does sound a little off. Maybe you can re-home both of them to another flock and get a new group of chickens so your daughter isn't upset as much, maybe even a few chicks?
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