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    Mar 12, 2019
    :confused:I set some eggs on 4/8 in my classroom at school. They did pretty good through that Friday. I came in on Saturday around 2:00 and the incubator was over 110 degrees. I knew the school shut the A/C off on the weekends, but I didn’t think it’d get that warm on the bottom floor of the building when the outside temp was in the upper 60’s. I gave the eggs some time. Today is day 11 and they’re just not developing. The embryos are about the size of a pea and the eggs were yellow throughout and runny, like they’d be if you whipped them up in a bowl. What happened? Too hot? When I hatched at home I had a 100% hatch. The kids are bummed out and I’m having a heck of a time getting them to understand that it’s hard to control the environment in a school. They think I killed them!
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    Sorry. Temperatures 105°F or above will kill chicken egg embryos. They are dead and they will not hatch.

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