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Jan 3, 2016
Hi Guys,

Newbie here? Just started with my girls over a week ago and want to give them a treat every now and then - I have already given mealworms ??? but now find they are ignoring everything else and looking at me for mealworms - I want to be able to give them a range of different foodstuffs (with the exceptions etc) - should I withhold the mealworms and keep trying them on other stuff and do you just throw it on the ground or place it in a bowl etc (major problem with ants)?




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AWWWW They are all spoiled!
I would hold off on the meal worms or give them only after other less protein filled treats.

Whether or not to put treats in a dish depends on what the treat is. If I have some extra oatmeal in the morning it will go in a dish. If it is a dry treat it goes on the ground. Spreading the treat out helps to make sure the ones on the bottom of the pecking order also get some.

Mine love cabbage, oatmeal, radish tops, turnip greens and of course meal worms.
I do give Black Oil Sunflower seeds in moderation twice a month. I think they like those almost as much as meal worms.

Mine get pretty much anything in the garden that is still in good eating condition but excess for my kitchen needs.

The chickens tend to get it all before the ants can try. Make sure you give treats in moderation so that they eat it all and are not upsetting the balance by ignoring the layer ration.
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Jul 2, 2015
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Mealworms are chicken crack for sure! Very healthy and high in protein, great for training them to come when called. If you have no garden, thawed frozen veggies and fruits are good. I use rolled horse oats and alfalfa as well, since I have horses. Be mindful to keep treats to 10 % of total diet like 21 hens mentioned. Here is a great chart.

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