Scratch as complete feed?!

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  1. davidtrinh797

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    Apr 16, 2016
    So I have recently been trying to convince my mum that layer feeds are nutritionally balanced for our chickens but she says that scratch feed is better for them because there is more 'stuff' in it and therefore more balanced. She also says layer feeds have chemicals in them. Can someone help clarity this please?

    P.S Could this product be a possible solution?
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    The feed in your link would be fine for a balanced feed. You can feed chickens scratch as a main feed and they will live and probably lay some eggs but they probably won't be performing up to their full ability
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    IMO layers feed is the best option to ensure that your chickens lay well, and remain healthy. We have created, through selective breeding "super chickens" that lay more frequently than they did even 100 years ago, and thus the development of specific feeds that meet their dietary requirements.

    Everywhere in Africa (where i live), almost all families keep chickens, but where they are not given proprietary feeds, their production levels are woeful. I should add that the cost of such feed is out of the reach of the average rural family, and chickens often serve additional customary roles than just producing eggs.

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