Scratch grains and layer mix

Black Aussie

7 Years
Nov 24, 2012
Does anyone know whether the scratch grains and layer mix you can buy at CalRanch or any farm store is from organic sources?
I have someone wanting organic eggs but I'm unsure of the scratch and layer mix. How could I tell if it's organic?
Hi there,

Organic feed will definitely be labeled as such. That's not something the manufacturers would try to keep secret! The price of organic will also be higher. For instance, in Oregon where I live, 50 lb of organic layer pellet is between $26-34, whereas non-organic layer pellet costs between $11 at the very cheapest to about $19 per 50 lb.

You may have to do some searching to find organic feed in some areas. The bulk company called Azure Standard also has several organic feeds, and they deliver by truck to many states. They have a website that lists their delivery areas.

Good luck!

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