Scratch Grains for Quail


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I give my chickens scratch grains once and awhile and was wondering if I can give it to the Quail? I have 6 Coturnix and 1 Tennessee Red and they are 2 months old,I am feeding them 24% protein chick starter when do I switch to a different feed and what do I feed them?

They don't really need it. Their food contains more than enough protein, fat, and fiber and those are the things they would glean from scratch grains. On the other hand it won't hurt anything that I can think of.

Scratch grains Gamebird food
Protein-8% 19-24%
Fat-1.25%+ 2%+
Fiber-4% 12%
Thanks for the reply!! Maybe I will give them scratch grains once and awhile as a treat. How long do I feed them chick starter?
What feed should I give them as adults?

You don't want to give them chick starter, there is not enough protein for quail. Game bird starter or turkey starter is better and can be fed their entire lives. I can't get game bird starter here so I feed 26% turkey starter.
Thanks for the help!! The chick starter I have been feeding them is 24% protien. I am gonna do some calling around and try to find a higher protien feed. Also this morning before I left for work(still dark) I opend the chicken coop and then checked on the Quail and found a broken Quail egg! That was the first one!


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