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    We are fairly new urban chicken farmers:) We use an organic/soy free/corn free feed for our girls because of household allergies. After almost 2 1/2 months of great egg production the ladies have stopped. Our weather did turn very cold here recently, however they are in a very nice heated/insulated coop with access daily to a fenced run. Im wondering if there is anything not grain related that I can give the ladies as scratch to help get some egg production? I do sprinkle grit and oyster shells occasionally. Thanks in advance:)
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    I am not aware of a non-grain scratch. However, I can tell you that scratch does not necessarily make hens lay more. In fact, it might do the opposite by making them fat, and thus limiting egg production.

    The only thing that reliably stimulates egg production is artificial lighting. To remain in peak production, hens need at least 14 hours of light each day. As winter gets closer, daylight hours naturally decrease, and a chicken's natural instinct is to stop laying. By providing artificial lighting in the coop for a few hours each day (thus giving them 14+ hours of combined natural and artificial light), you can often get hens laying again, or prevent them from ever stopping.
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    I don't know of any non-grain scratch, as scratch is by definition a mixture of small grains. But, I suspect that it wouldn't help your egg production even if there was a non-grain version- scratch reduces the total amount of important, healthy nutrients that hens get in an otherwise balanced diet. Hens may fill up on scratch, and not eat the food that provides the important nutrients.

    The oyster shells and grit are really all you can do to help egg production right now. Lighting is another important thing. To increase egg production, I would add a light so that your hens have at least 14 hours of daylight daily.

    Basically, lighting and the proper feed are all you can do to keep chickens laying. Aspects beyond your control, such as age of bird or molting, slow down egg production.
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    Thank you! I will make sure to be diligent about adding some oyster shells on a more regular basis. We do have a red light on in the coop for warmth and light. I can try shutting it off during the day while they go outside, perhaps they are getting too much light. I really can't shut if off at night its just to cold. Ill read the article and see what else we can do. I did give them some scraps yesterday (apple,broccoli) and tonight we had an egg:)
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