Screaming Delaware


Oct 6, 2020
I have a small flock of five, 9 month old hens: two Reds, two Barred Rocks, and one Delaware. They have a sizable coop and run, and every day (except Monday mornings, because of landscaping), they are let out into the big backyard to eat grass, chase bugs and squirrels and peck at the random fruit that falls from our trees. They are living the chicken life and I love them all dearly, it's just the Delaware that's driving me insane. In case you're interested in their set up you can see it here:

The Delaware screams, it's a soft scream that gets louder and louder. She screams when she sees us or the dogs in the front part of the backyard. She screams when we don't let them out Monday mornings because the landscapers need to get back there to do their work. I understand Monday morning screaming, but the rest of the scream time just seems to be her yelling at us.

I want to train it out of her, besides it bothering me I live in a residential neighborhood and don't want to bother my neighbors any more than I already have. Fresh eggs can only go so far!

For training, I've tried squirting her with a water bottle after forcefully saying No, that only seems to work because she's confused as to where the water came from, then it's back to screaming and walking away where water can't reach her. I don't always have the water handy, so it's not always a viable option, plus the other ladies get wet when they were doing nothing but trying to see if I have food. I've tried clapping loudly or saying No loudly, again those only work for a second or two then it's back at it, also those options seem counterproductive for trying to be quieter.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to try to break her of this? My other ladies are nice quiet cluckers, I wish the Delaware would take a hint from them.
I've honestly considered it. I love that little monster, but if it gets too bad that may be what I'll have to do.
What did you end up doing? I have a similar situation with one of my rir's. We have previously tried everything you mentioned and she just won't be quiet. It's really frustrating and the neighbours are being very patient, but they shouldn't have to be. Some people across the road from us have chickens too, but I never hear a peep out of them.

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