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    May 11, 2011
    Have a trio of silver and a trio of gold - have liked them and had a chance to pick some up at auction. Probably last year's hatch (fully mature) - one of the silvers laid a few days after but hasn't in about 3 weeks. I understand they aren't known for laying production but it takes eggs to hatch chicks. :-D So short of music and wine - what can I do to insure better results here? They're on layer feed, a little corn (very little due to size), in good condition, plenty of light; had them all in a 4x8 pen for a few weeks but now have each trio in their own 'stall' - no eggs since making that switch. Will be constructing more permanent housing but at present they're confined for protection. Time? Ideas?

    These aren't at this point a "serious" (ie money making) project - I just like them but didn't want to order 25 then have 10 roosters to do something with - had a chance to grab trios and snagged it! I don't know for sure that they're last year's birds - could be older which I know is a factor but shouldn't be none - or ??/

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