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    May 31, 2012
    I am from east Tx and have ridden horses all my life. We always had one on the farm growing up that is until last summer when our last one died. My husband and 2 year old daughter and I have recently moved back to the family farm with only a pasture to divide us and my parents. Any how it's just not the same being back home without a horse. I've been looking and at this moment am not willing to spend a ton of money on a pleasure horse. Is there anyone out there who lives I'm TX or knows someone who does that might be able to help me out or tell me were to go to find what I'm looking for?
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    Typically safe (to ride) is gonna cost you more. Not to say there aren't deals out there, but, I'm always skeptical of a cheap horse (gotta be a problem somewhere). You could probably find a decently priced horse that is aged (20+) that is safe but might need some extra upkeep. You could look at Dreamhorse and narrow down your location and go from there. Good luck!
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    I really like, and is another good site. shows listings for horses for sale on a few other websites as well. And of course there is always your local Craigslist. I think it may be tough to find a good horse cheap this time of year. Once the grass greens up, horse prices come back up, and fewer people feel the need to sell. You may look around and see if you can find a nice horse for a free lease until you can find exactly what you want to buy.
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    You could contact equine vets in the area -- sometimes they know of good horses needing homes --- our vet has found two for us over the years --- each one was an older, but still active, mare -- they lived out their lives with us --- the vet could assure us that these girls had been well-maintained over the years ---
    in each case, these were safe, kind horses whose owners had 'out-grown' them or moved on to another interest ---
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    Jan 17, 2011
    petfinder ??
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    What exactly are you looking for in a horse? Trailride, show, games,working cows? That will help to know where to tell you to start looking. If trailride, do you want a trotting horse or a gaited horse. What kind of horses will you be riding with? I know horse prices are way down all over the country. But it depends on what you are looking for on a horse.

    You can also check on

    I have sold a lot of horses over the years on this site for asking price.

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