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  1. bargain

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    Apr 13, 2008
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    Most of the time I can find the person, I'm looking for. But on a few occasions, the search is coming up empty. I checked spelling several times to be sure that the name was spelled correctly. The search response shows no messages, But when I tab down in both the in and out box, I see messages from the person. During the same search time, I'll look for another person just to see if my server is the problem and I can find others.

    This doesn't happen on all the cases, but when I tried to see why it appears that persons with no e mail affiliated with their BYC name are being "not found" even if their messages are there. This may not be the reason this is happening, but rather than list names here, I'm glad to pm....Is there a privacy setting that will keep BYC members from getting messages.....maybe that's the case rather than the "missing e mail information" in their profile.

    Thanks. Nancy

    BTW, I love having the search option and if ever we can search by content in the message that would be great as well! Nancy
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    Could they have changed their user name in the meantime? Have you just tried to reply to the message and see whose name comes up?
  3. bargain

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    Apr 13, 2008
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    I tried typing their name, cutting and clipping the name and then replying to an e mail from them as you suggested and their name is showing in the "to" section.

    I'm guessing the setting for privacy might be blocking my abilitiy to search for them. It's happened in the past with other names too. It's strange..... but thanks for trying to help! Nancy
  4. Nifty-Chicken

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    We've been having some reports of some PMs not coming up in searches, but we haven't been able to duplicate or pin down the reasons.

    To help us duplicate and find the problem, please keep track of the EXACT search words you used and a link to the exact messages that it didn't find so we can try to duplicate the problem. Maybe post them here, for example:

    I searched for: hatcheries
    I expected to get this message which didn't come up in the search results:
    Here is part of the text in the message that was searched and not found: "Do you have any favorite hatcheries?"
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    Quote:But if I could find it... [​IMG]

    can you tell us if the search in the PM serches the whole PM or just the title?

    (If it searches just the title it may only 'look' 3 words in, if it searches all of the PM... )

    -off to test stuff-
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  6. FireTigeris

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    (sorry dbl post)

    confirmed already- I looked for the last word in a title, searched for that word and it failed to find any of the correct threads. The returned result has the word in the body.


    Returned Result:

    Project -


    RE: Up for a challenge / task? (ect)
    RE: Up for a challenge / task? (ect)
    RE: Up for a challenge / task?
    for a challenge / task?

    it might be the 'special character "/" ' too...


    Search: "Man"

    'no results found'

    Expected Result:

    RE: Skip the Ballon Man



    No results



    Amigurumi chick in egg

    RE: Amigurumi chick

    Amigurumi chick

    Expected for 'egg' see above.
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