Sebright or Japanese?

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Simply Stated
10 Years
Feb 3, 2009
Hope Mills, NC
I have 2 cockerals, both 4.5 weeks. I can only have one roo. Which one is quieter? My Japanese is calmer and personal favorite, but how loud are they?
If you were closer I would take your sebright roo.
I lost mine a couple of weeks ago.

Japs seem to be a bit more on the calmer side. Not sure which is more quite.
I have someone who will take either one I don't want, but they prefer the Sebright. I hate to have to rehome him. I had a luck of getting a pair of Sebrights (silve and gold) and a pair of BTW Japs. He wants all of them, but that ain't happening! Thanks for your offer

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