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    Jul 1, 2015
    Hi All,

    I will be receiving 2 buff orpington this November. I'm so excited! I love my Aunt's orpingtons! Anyhow, I already have 8 chickens that are 13 weeks tomorrow. They will be 18 weeks when my newborns come. I am concerned about adding them to my flock because of such an age difference. I've heard to keep them separated until they become accustomed to each other. Any ideas on how to do so? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! -Molly
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    You need to keep them separated until your new birds are 18 weeks old. Then they will be of similar size to your initial flock. Also, the different ages of birds eat different kinds of feed, and have different housing requirements. Once the new birds are out of the brooder, and into a coop, make sure the two flocks can see each other through wire--it'll make the integration easier. When the new chickens are ready to be integrated, put them with the initial flock at night--they will wake up together and it'll be less stressful. There will be some pecking as the new hens are established into the existing pecking order, but as long as there isn't any blood drawn, don't worry--they will work the pecking order out.
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    I personally like integrating new chicks when they are around 8 weeks, old enough to handle the weather but young enough not to be a threat. It can be a bit more tricky with hens under a year but your older ones should be laying by then and should mostly ignore the young ones, pen them within sight so everyone gets used to each other for a week or two than start having supervised mingling with the younger ones able to go back to their pen if necessary, pen them separately at night until you feel comfortable, wait too long in age and they will be viewed as intruders not as new members of the flock. Just feed everyone a non medicated grower with oyster shells on the side until everyone is laying. I love Orpingtons too.
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    Thank you! Very Helpful...

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