Second batch.


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7 Years
Aug 31, 2012
Hi everyone.

Wanted to re-introduce myself. A week ago we lost our last 2 ( out of 4) chickens to hawks. They were almost 3 years old. :(


We had gotten two RI last month, and just got 5 chicks this week ( 2 EE, 2 Austalorps, and 1 Black Sumatra)! With this batch we're planning at least for the time being to keep them cooped. My last girls were free to roam, and that was where we ran into trouble.

We put our 5 1/2 week old chick/pullets out in the coop tonight with a lamp on them in case they need warmth. The new chicks we just got will go out in about 5 weeks as well. Happy to be starting again, and have some hopes that these seven chickens will brin us a lot of joy.

:) Anyhow, hello everyone! This is my second time raising some hens, fell in love the first time, and though I'm heartbroken, I wanted to try again.
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