Second egg finally but with soft shell...


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Aug 20, 2009
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So, my leghorns are around 18 weeks and they have been free ranging during daylight hours. My son found an egg last week (yay) in the bush by the hen house. So, I am trying to get them to stay inside for much longer now. That being said, because they were free range, they were really not too interested in their layer-ration food. Now that they are inside they have little choice I guess! So, yes, onto my question. This morning I found egg number 2 in a nest box (yay) but it was really soft and misshapen. Is that b/c of the free range thing and not getting enough calcium?

I guess I will add oyster shell to my husband's ever expanding after-work shopping list for today!
I would get the oyster shell but not mix it in feed. Offer in a small dish/container so the chickens can eat it when they want/need it. Also make sure they are on layer feed. I would let them run in the yard but make sure feed and oyster shells are always available.....I read that 'funky egg' stuff sometimes happens when they start laying first. But either way I think it's a good idea to have oyster shell available.....

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