Second eggs?

Lil Chickie Mama

10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
I know it takes a few months for egglaying to become regulated (or even a year eek) but I got my first egg
a week ago and nothing since. All my girls are 23 weeks and I have 2 bantam mutts (same hatch) which the egg came from one of them I think, and 5 Lavender Ameraucanas which I don't expect eggs from very soon.

1) Is it okay for her to go a week without anything new?

2) Is it okay that her sister is not laying yet? This one I'm not too worried about as they develop differently I suppose, but had to ask.

Thanks in advance!
different hens mature at different times, even in the same breed. My D'Uccle hen waited two weeks between her first egg (which incidentally was dark brown) and her second egg (which was nearly white). Then it was 4 more days til egg 3. Then she started laying one every other day and has been like that since.
Oh thank you! I was hoping that's what it would be. There was no blood or even poo on the first egg so I didn't think she would have hurt herself. Just in case I checked both little girls vents but the girls are fine and happy so I figured it was just a matter of time. You see so many posts about MY FIRST EGG!!! and when do they start laying a lot? but never the time between the first and second. Thanks for clearing it up.

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