Securing a chicken run


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May 7, 2015
Independence, MO
Hello, new here to the forums. My family and i are preparing to build a coop and purchase 8 chicks. I will be building a 4'x8' coop, elevated 2' off the ground with an attached run that is 8'x17'. I am going to anchor coop to ground by embedding the 4"x4" posts in 3' concrete piers. The run sides will be covered in hardware cloth and 6' of the run will be hard roofed and the rest of roof covered in hardware cloth. My question is, do i need to embed any of the run posts in concrete? Thanks for your help.
Yes, you should cement in posts for your run due to the weight of the roof. If your area is prone to snow, you have to factor in snow load also which might increase the number of posts depending on the type of roof you are putting on. If you know a builder check with him/her to be on the safe side. Do it right the first time I always say. Good luck and welcome!

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