Securing coop posts with cement?

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    May 9, 2015

    We're in the middle (ok beginning) of building a chicken coop and run for our girls before the winter because their old house we bought online is not suitable and is falling apart, we're rushing to finish before the snow hits. Anyway, we have purchased a kind of play tower as the structure which we are going to modify into a chicken coop, similar to this:

    My question is whether I need to cement the posts into the ground to keep it stable because the tower we have bought is about 2.5 meters (something like 7 foot) tall. I am scared the wind will blow the coop over. It will be built next to a wall and a run will be attached. Is there a chance that it will be thrown over? I did some research about cementing the posts into the ground and it seems rather complicated ( I have no experience in carpentry) and many say that the posts will rot from the moisture in the ground even with cement around it. What way do you think I should keep the coop stable, do I even need to secure it into the ground (or stabilise it in general) or should I cut the posts so that it is not so tall and less likely to get blown over? How will I keep the posts from rotting. I just really need this coop to last and this project is really daunting,
    Thank you!
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    Oct 24, 2015
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    I'd use post spikes instead of cement. You drive them into the ground and attach the posts to them. It's that simple.

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