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    Hello to all, I'm trying to find out really just how "tight" a chicken coop & run has to be to keep predators out. I've read a lot of posts that say you need to keep it closed off and secure. Like on the sides where the metal roof comes down is open and I've put boards up there to close it off but there are spaces between some of the boards, maybe ranging from 1" to 3". Is that okay? Also, for the run, I have only chicken wire which does not have any openings at the top. We have the metal roof over the run as well with the coop in the back with doors that open during the day and close the chickens off at night. I don't have access to a picture right now but hopefully you can tell me just how much space between the boards I can get away with and is the chicken wire sufficient? I've had the 9 wk. old chicks (2 BR, 1 BO, 1 Sussex, and 1 EE) in the coop for about 3 wks. and no problems yet. We live on 12 acres, though, so I know it's coming! 2 cats (not ours) hang around but no problems so far. I HATE snakes, so what kind of repellent is there? I have a 22, I guess I'll have to practice.[ur;)
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    Quote:It kind of depends on what predators are around your area. 1" to 3" will allow snakes, rats, weasels etc in. Will probably keep coyotes and raccoons out unless they can pry off the wood or gnaw larger openings. Chicken wire won't keep out some predators, like dogs and raccoons. You can read up lots here in this forum, and get lots of ideas and details.

    Good luck and post pix when you can

    Imp- BTW cats are usually not a threat to full grown chickens.

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