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    May 3, 2016
    I have a dog kennel for my chickens outside run attached to the barn where the coop is located. I have covered the entire run with 1/2" hardware cloth and even buried it down a foot and out a foot and reinforced under the kennel with cinder blocks. The roof is a metal roof. My difficulty is happening where the gate of the kennel is. I want to use the gate. The gate itself is completely covered in hardware cloth but I cant figure out how to secure the 1"-2" gap that is on all four sides of the gate. Any suggestions?? My main concern is weasels. I have not seen any, but I know that they are in my area. I feel like theyo should be safe from other predators (foxes, coyotes and coons). I appreciate any help and pictures if possible! Thank you!!
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    May 31, 2016
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    I also use rubber twist ties that I got from Home Depot to lock the gate. You can get them in about any links and be as elaborate as you want. They work great. Sorry I can't post any pictures.
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    May 3, 2016
    I'm confused.. how do these help in securing the gap between the gate and kennel? i know you said you cant do pictures.. im just having a hard time envisioning?
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    I completely covered the gate/door with mesh that was about 2 inches wider than the door on the left (hinge side) so the left is protected by the overlap but can still functionally open. The opening on the right has mesh about 9 inches wider than the door, and I wrap it around the side and attach it to the other panel at the bottom. So to get into my coop, I have to undo the hook from the right side, then move the mesh back and undo a clasp/lock on the latch itself, then flip up/open the latch. It's a 3-part safety system since my coop is inside the yard with my dogs.

    I'm at work and only have this photo on my phone, which doesn't show the wrap-around but does show the mesh. About 7 inches up from the ground I just attached a clasp with a zip tie onto the door mesh and a zip tie to make a loop through the mesh on the other panel, then clasp into the zip tie loop to hold the mesh around. It keeps the chickens safe and also helps my dogs not run into the mesh that's otherwise sticking out. That way the gap is closed and there's no way for dogs/humans/predators to get to the actual gate latch.

    (The black and camo is just screening to keep the dogs from constantly barking at the chickens until they got used to them. And yes, my coop is attached to my house.)


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