Seed Trading Thread

Frankie Ruiz

6 Years
Oct 19, 2013
Long Island, New York
Hello everyone, any gardeners out there? i am making this thread so people can exchange seeds to grow different varieties or types of plants in their garden. i think its a good idea since seed prices can get pretty high. you might get 100 seeds in the packet but really how many are you going to use? 1-10? its a fun and cheap way to get new things to grow and try out. The way it works is, you list what seeds you have to offer, and if they're heirloom or hybrid, and if someone is interested in seeds you have, they'll tell you what they have to offer and hopefully you can come to an barter. it would be cheap since you would only have to pay for a stamp. PLEASE NOTE: GIVE YOUR ADDRESS OUT AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I'll start off.

The seeds i have to offer are:
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper- Heirloom
Chocolate Habanero Pepper- Heirloom
TAM Jalapeno Pepper- Heirloom
Bhut Jolokia Pepper- Heirloom
Arroz Con Pollo Pepper- Heirloom
Cherokee Purple Tomato (Indeterminate)- Heirloom
Martino's Roma Tomato (Determinate)- Heirloom
Delicious Beefsteak Tomato (Indeterminate)- Heirloom
Big Boston Head Lettuce- Heirloom
Little Gem Lettuce- Heirloom
Red Romaine Lettuce- Heirloom
Georgia Southern Collard Greens- Heirloom
Blue Curled Scotch Kale- Heirloom
Tokyo Green Onions- Heirloom
Tendercrisp Celery- Heirloom
Fairfax Watermelon- Heirloom
American Ananas Melon- Heirloom
Marketmore 76 Cucumber- Heirloom
Tendersweet Carrot- Heirloom
St. Valery Carrot- Heirloom
Parisienne Carrot- Heirloom
Calabrese Broccoli- Heirloom

Let me know if you are interested in any of my seeds and let me know what seeds you have to offer :).
? I just started a seed swap thread yesterday.
did you really? i apologize. whats it called? i typed in seed exchange and it shows stuff from last year and older
Hah! It's just a bit down the page here in the gardening forum. It's seed swap, but you'd think that the word "seed" would have shown up in the search. Just shows you computers can be exceptionally blind when it comes to what you mean. ;)

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