Seeding my paddocks, what should I use?


Jan 31, 2015
In North Carolina it is getting into the early winter time of year. I understand that the time for seeding my paddocks are behind us, however this will help out for upcoming years. My plan is to make my own seed mix from a bunch of different seeds so there is a mixture hitting the ground and a good variety that is given to the birds.

I will eventually have 4 paddocks and will cycle my flock 2 weeks on each paddock. This will leave the paddock to rest for 6 weeks leaving plenty of time for it to grow back.

My question for anyone that wants to answer, what do you suggest I put in this seed mixture that provides a good mixture for the birds?

If it helps I currently have 8 barred rock birds and looking to double the flock this next year.
Some basic, hearty and healthy plants such as dandelions, chickweed and a variety of lentils and legumes are a good start, as they are fast growing and very nutritious for chickens. Ryegrass and orchard grass is useful as well, although it doesn't provide much food for the chickens they will help hold the soil in place ensuring more guarantee that seeds will be better protected from the scratching at the ground, not to mention they attract lots of insects. Other good plants to use are:
White clover, new zealand clover, oats, barley, thornless blackberries (I believe there is a "ground" variety that grows vines low to the ground), swiss chard, alfalfa, and if you want pleasing asthetics, flowers like snapdragons, echinacea, phlox, violets, pansys, squash blossom, impatients and more all provide nutrition to the chickens.
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wow! Thank you so much for your help. I will start searching out for some of these different kinds of seed and make a big batch to seed with. My chickens and I both thank you!
Of course! There are many, many more plants but those are some of the typical easy to grow plants that do well in most climates. Researching online or at your local library on chicken pastures and plants suited for your climate might be wise as well!

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