Seedling Heat Mat - Brooder Warmer

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    What would the surface temp of that mat run without the thermostat?
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    Here is the seedling mat.

    It is 107 watt spread over 6 2/3 square feet. Think of the heat from a 100 watt bulb spread over the same space. The description of the product states "Warms root area 10-20˚F over ambient temperature to improve germination". So to touch the surface of the mat, that is probably about how the temperature feels. A moderate warmness.

    These mats are $65 on amazon.
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    It turns out my themastat is not working so I removed it. Therefore, the seedling mat is always on.

    I raised the front of the dog carrier about 2 inches off the ground, to introduce some cooler air, as it will likely be too hot otherwise. The temperature at the front is just under 90. I suspect that it is warmer at the back.
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    I have to say I am pretty happy with how this has worked out. I wish the thermometer had worked properly. I will get it replaced for next time. It certainly worked well without the thermometer.
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    I am getting 14 new babies in a couple of days.

    I have modified this set up.

    I have attached the seedling warmer to the dog crate lid. As well you can see the thermostat sensor hung from the roof.


    I have a new thermostat.


    Here is what the brooder will look like. You can see the end off the seedling warmer sticking out.


    I use another thermometer to check the temperature in the middle of the brooder to ensure that the temperature is suitable. I attached it to a piece of cardboard so I can push the thermometer into the middle of the brooder. I have it upright so the thermometer is a bit off the floor of the brooder.


    Not shown is that I put a towel on the brooder to keep the heat inside.

    I have tested this setup and it seems to work quite well.
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