Seeking Advice on Shipped Eggs


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May 18, 2010
Western NY
Ok so I got my shipped eggs on Wednesday. The box was pretty rough and I had one broken egg no fault of the person I purchased from they did a great job wrapping them. However as can happen the handling they received by the USPS was rough. I have had them resting since I got them pointy side down however the aircells are still oddly shaped and on the large size. I plan on setting them in the incubator tomorrow and would like some advice as to how to increase my chances for hatching. I have hatched many eggs however this is my first hatch with shipped eggs so any advice I receive will be greatly appreciated.
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Feb 12, 2009
I am always happy when I get at least 2 to hatch. It sounds like what happened to me. None of mine hatched. My last batch of shipped eggs resulted in 1 chick out of 20. I would let them set for another day and set them early in the morning.
Good luck with your hatch. Michele

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