Seeking Chickens in Montana


Jun 8, 2022
Hi All!

I'm in need of 8-10 Pullets. I'm located in SW Montana, so if there is anyone looking to get rid of or rehome a few birds please let us know. We have a very nice set up we just built an a lot of space; however, a miscommunication messed up our initial chicken order and we ended up with only 2 roosters instead of what we really ordered.

Thank you!
If you're passing through Denver anytime soon, I have 20 18 week old pullets. But seriously, post on MT's thread and check the Buy, Sell, Trade section. If WY is a reasonable drive, post on there too. Check FB for a local poultry group, CL too. If all else fails, you have plenty of time to raise chicks before the snow flies. My first flock was hatched June 2nd and they started laying Christmas week. Just got a notification from Ideal that they have $2.50 pullets available next week... Just saying...

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