seemingly underdeveloped


8 Years
Jul 6, 2011
Perry, IL
I set some eggs on 8/25 and Sunday is lockdown. I candled them two days ago and they really seem under developed for them to have been in the bator that long. I've been able to see movement in the eggs for a week now but they do not seem full enough. Any suggestions?


Hatching Helper
11 Years
Jun 13, 2009
Diamond, Ohio
I have some eggs getting ready to go into lockdown on sunday too. When I candle, first of all its really supper hard to see the chick. I have to really strain to see it moving but one thing I have noticed, the air cell has dipped. Have you noticed yours doing the same thing? dipped meaning the air cell space has grew.. Now when you say underdeveloped, what exactly are you seeing? can you see threw the egg? if so how are you seeing the chick moving. There shouldnt be any space from the membrane to where the chick is, it should be a really dark mass.. give them one more candling, take notice of the air cell and where the chick is it should be really dark..

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