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10 Years
Sep 4, 2009
Hunterdon Cty. NJ
We put our chicks in the coop for the first time yesterday. It's a duplex, so we split them up 3 chicks per side. Here's the problem as they have been a group of six for 6 weeks. they really miss each other. With this in mind I had removed some of the dividing chicken wire at the top of the coop so they could go from one side to the other.
The catch is they would have to go to the roosts at the top to get over to the other side and they don't seem to get it. They can definitely hear one another on the other side. My wife wants me to cut a hole in the partition so they can go from one side to the other.
I'm not sure about doing that. Should I wait a few days to see if they get it, or cut the hole now?
Is there a particular reason to keep them as 2 separate groups? If so, I'd keep 'em separate starting now, even if they don't like it at first.

But if there is no *reason* to keep them separate, they'd probably be a lot happier as a single flock. I don't know how your roost is arranged, but unless it is quite low I would not sit holding my breath for 6 wk old chicks to figure out how to get up there and that it is worthwhile on account of being a way to get in with their pals.

Personally, I'd remove the divider completely; but if you don't want to do that, I think the idea of a generous-sized hole cut at *floor level* to unite the two halves would be best. And even then, it may take A While for them to figure it out

Good lcuk, have fun,

It's not so much that I wanted two separate groups. The coop I built resembles and is modeled after the Cochin duplex on this site. I thought that dividing it in half would give me the option of keeping any trouble makers on one side.
I am a first time hen owner and didn't know what to expect from the little girls. The run beneath the coop isn't divided in two, so once out in the run they can pick which side of the coop or who they want to be with.
As read here on this site, I plan on keeping them cooped up for four or five straight days before letting them out in the run.

You can see the right side and the roosts and ramp. At the top left where the bright light is is where they can roost on the divider or go to the other side. They had no problem jumping or flying to the top of their 2 foot high brooder box. Thanks!
I would just take out the partition, and have one larger area. If you have a problem with a trouble maker, just use a wire cage like thing put inside with the others, so they are still all together. However, in case of illness or injury you would want to keep one totally away from the others, and a cage works well for that also.
I showed several of our girls how to get to the top roost and went away for an hour. When I returned they were all on one side! It's been raining all last night and this afternoon in Jersey. It's stopped and we went out to the coop to round up the chicks in a box and I CRAWLED in and cut the passage way through. They seem to be happy about that!

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