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Mar 14, 2012
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My Coop
My Coop
I have 5 pullets that were about 8 weeks old when I introduced 3 chicks that were 4 weeks old. They have all been together for about 2 weeks now but they are still segregated into two groups. The big chicks will still peck the little ones if the little ones try to eat while they are eating. But at night they all share a roost. Five on one side and 3 cuddled up on the other end. Will they ever integrate? time they will all hang together....your lucky they are all in one coop the time they are laying, you will have one big happy family....i had 3 groups to get together last year....i find some do hang in different groups....but as a hole they pretty much all get along!!!.....good luck!
Thanks for the info. Next I get to battle the HOA. Apparently our rental property falls into an "Amended" HOA that has architectural oversight for our community. The nosy neighbor 3 doors down has a problem with my chickens and 3 indoor dogs. We're only allowed two dogs so she sent a letter to the property manager that we must get rid of one dog and the chickens!
wow....i am so sorry....i hope you can fight it.....MY DOG WOULD NOT GO!!!!!....i hate people like that.....if your animals arent bothering them, i dont know why they have to do things like that!...good luck to you.....
My dogs are indoor dogs and only outside while we are home. They don't usually bark. They just sit and watch the birds in the run for the most part. And you and I both know that my hens aren't loud. I don't know what this ladies problem is.

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