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Feb 26, 2013
Hello. I have 24. Eight week old pullets. I plan on keeping 12 for laying and butchering the other 12 at about 11-13 weeks. Some of my chicks are more mature and larger than the others. Should i keep the larger ones for laying or butcher the more mature Birds? Or maybe half and half?
Why do you want to process a 12 week old dual purpose hen? You'll get maybe a 2pound carcass, very very little meat there. I guess I just don't see the point?
My birds are larger than that. The large ones are at least 5 lbs now and i would guess will be 6# by the time i butcher. But the reason is for space. Only have enough room for 12 of em. The original plan was to get straight run chicks and butcher the roos at 12 weeks but i couldnt get straight run rirs so i bought pullets. My real question is are the larger birds going to be better layers? Or should i put the larger birds in the freezer?
I guess I'd also butcher the larger birds. I've had some small hens lay pretty well. Or, those hens may just take longer to mature and will turn out just as large as the faster developing hens.

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