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May 25, 2011
I am getting two pairs of goslings soon. My plan is to keep one gander (a trio) long term and I was wondering if any of you think I will be able to choose one or the other for non-aggressive temperament at an early age or if you can't tell at all until they are in their first breeding season? Thanks!!! Oh they are American Buffs from Metzer...
I have a pair of Tufted Buffs from Metzer Farms - ordered them as babies last year. They are nothing short of awesome. I wanted to get an addtional pair this year - waited too long to order and now they are sold out. My pair lives within a group of 7 adults. This group hatched two babies and I ordered another pair of Tufted Roman babies which arrived on the same day as my home grown babies hatched. Of course the group adopted the ordered in babies and all four are doing fine. The Tufted Buff goose is one of the best first time Mother geese I've ever had. The Gander is not only totally beautiful and regal - he is also a wonderful Father. I would highly reommend them! The gander is super sweet! The goose is protective of her babies but respects me - can't ask for more than that!

I've had nothing but good things to say about Metzer Farms and the waterfowl I've rec'd. This was my first year in getting ducklings from them and I'm very happy with them as well. I've gotten geese from them in the last 3 years. Every shipment has made it here to Nebraska without issue - and the birds are wonderful - very nice. The customer service it fantastic!
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x2 to Metzer Just ordered ducks today already thinking of names
I've got Americans. Blues instead of buffs, but temperament should be the same.

My experience with geese is that "temperament" issues are bad training not bad temperaments.

All geese are going to behave like geese and it is proper goose behavior to protect the nest. That is not bad temperament. Away from the nest, they can easily learn good manners. Geese are very smart. But keep in mind that because they are smart, they can quickly learn bad behavior as well as good behavior.
Ganders can vary in their breeding season aggression from benign hissing to out right attacking, biting and flogging you.
There's no way to determine this in advance.
Even raising them by hand from hatchings will not alter how aggressive they will be
but if you plan to breed geese it just something you learn to deal with.
Its not that bad and if you only have one gander then you don't have to deal with fighting ganders.
I have both blues and buffs and do not find this to be even remotely the case. IMNTBCHO Dave sacrificed some on the temperament to get the designer color.
I have both blues and buffs and do not find this to be even remotely the case. IMNTBCHO Dave sacrificed some on the temperament to get the designer color.

^^^I wondered and worried if that might be the case - seen it happen in fancy colors in so many other sorts of animals - so that's why I ended up choosing the buffs myself. Thoroughly enjoying them.

Oneacre, I had the same plan as you. Turns out the decision was made for me, as one gander didn't survive shipping. Metzers was lovely with the speedy refund, too. I expect you'll find some way to choose your gander once you get to know your birds and their personalities.

Here are my two girls Guinness and Beamish, about ten weeks old

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