Self segregation?


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Feb 29, 2016
I bought a mix assortment of ducklings early this summer. Ended up with 5 Cayuga 2 Rouen hens a blue Swedish hen and not sure on the last one. My question is if I get a Rouen Drake would the 2 Rouen hens mate souly with him as well as the Cayuga? The all stick together in the same flock(with my 2 Geese as well) but seems as if they separate by breed. The blue Swedish leading the 2 Rouen right behind her the Cayuga in the middle and the Geese in the rear.


May 8, 2016
Alberta, Canada
Ducks tend to stick with their favorite ducks, as if they are "groupies"- which often ends up being their own breed since the size, temperament, and likes are the same. However, drakes will mate with ANY female, regardless of breed- sometimes they will even mate geese or chickens. So, you will have to seperate them or have mixed breeds- I love my mixes, but it's up to you. If you have Muscovy, and it crosses with ankther breed, they will produce an infertile hybrid called a "Moulard, mule or hinny" duck that won't reprocude or lay. 1 drake to 4-5 hens is sufficient.

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