Self serve egg stand


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Aug 18, 2019
Canton, CT
Hi y’all!
I have a new 17 hen flock this year and am hoping to sell eggs once they’re crankin them out. I wanted to see what everyone does (pictures would be great) for self serve egg stands.
I live in a neighborhood with lots of foot traffic. I’m also in CT, so we have hot summers and freezing winters. I’m trying to decided between a mini fridge, coolers or other options.
If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions or pictures I’d love to see/hear them
Not sure what you mean. Are you wanting people to walk up to a cooler full of eggs, deposit money, take eggs, and go on their way without human interaction?
I have seen several threads where people are doing this. And my sister in VA has a neighbor who does it with eggs, honey, veggies....She just puts a table out front and uses coolers for perishables. I have seen a thread where people have a little covered stand w electricity and a fridge. And yes people are trusted to make their own change.

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