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    WM - We have our own meat rabbits, meat chickens, meat quail, and egg laying chickens, gardens and fruit trees...

    Garlic - chickens, ate one rooster so far. Eggs, we also let the neighbor's sheep graze here and in exchange get two lambs a year.

    WM - 1. TV. we don't have any cable or anything, not even the 12 free local channels. Granted we still do watch movies, but we don't pay for TV anymore! Again missed it at first, now I could care less! It's WONDERFUL what you can accomplish w/o TV!

    Garlic - AM radio is all ya need. OK so I have the net, and very occasionally, about 1-2X a year, I see a movie in a theatre, because someone else offers.

    WM - 2. Air conditioning/ heater... we ONLY use the Air conditioning if it's an EMERGENCY and we are going to DIE lol. We also switched to a wood burning stove instead of the heater. Our last electricity bill was like 50 bucks. [​IMG]

    Garlic - A/C is sitting under a cool tree, going to the library, something like that. For heat this year (my trailer is quite small, a 25-footer, and also pretty drafty, I've patched a bit but it's still healthily porous so I don't worry too much about CO) I got a Coleman 533 stove and about $50 worth of Coleman fuel - looks like about $30 is all I've used so far.

    WM - 3. Dryer, only use it when ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO, other than that we line dry.

    Garlic - the land owner will use his dryer occasionally, for me it's line, hang on a tree, or hang inside if it's rainy out. It works pretty well.

    WM -4. Solar oven. BF built a solar oven and we are in the process of switching to cooking at least several meals a week in it! Did I mention it's FREE!

    Garlic - I need to do that!

    WM - 5. Pressure canner, buy in bulk, cook in a crock pot, then can your leftovers! Cheap food!

    Garlic - Leftovers? What are those? Canning is cool though.

    WM - 6. Basic other things we do ourselves (don't pay someone); yard work and cleaning, vehicle repairs, oil changes, washes etc...

    Garlic - the land owner saves money on oil changes by .... not doing 'em! He applies the same method to tires, too. It works fine until it .... doesn't. OK so I changed out the oil on his car, which I get to use too, with some super-good oil I was using in my motorcycle, as for tires, sooner or later they get so bad the ride's wobbly and I take the car in for a balance and woops! We're buying tires. Honestly, anything that can be done "in house" here is.
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    Well I just finished my green house today and am so ready to get my hands in the dirt!

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