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6 Years
May 5, 2013
I have been asked to grow 6 full size chickens such as blk sexlings, windots, etc. does anyone have any ideas what I should charge this person. I was thinking there should be 2 different amounts depending on when she collected them such as,if she took them when they were big enough to come out of the brooder and if she waits until they are laying. I'd appreciate as much input as I can get.
Maybe search what laying hens cost? There are a few places that sell them. Depends on where you live, do they want them just till they're feathered out or till they're mature and laying? Right now I have 23 that hatched the end of May. I'm going through a 50# bag of feed about every 10 days or so (at 12.50-14.00 per bag) Of course when they were babies it lasted longer. I guess it would depend on how long before they consider them grown? Plus, all the work you put into them, hauling water, feeding, cleaning... and they drink a lot of water! That said, I just gave my sister 6 hens and a rooster for free... but she's been supplying eggs to me from her old hens until mine start laying. And she's my sister. Good luck :)
It is almost impossible for anyone to make any money at chickens, but one would like to break even on the costs, if at all possible. It isn't always possible. When you factor in the energy/electric used in brooding, the bedding, the feed and all the rest, added to the original cost of the chicks, the price of raising out a half dozen chicks won't net any reasonable profit.

Add up all the true costs, all of them. Donate your time and labor. You'll likely find you have nearly $8 in a brooded chick and very close to $16 in a 15 week old juvenile.

I certainly do not mind offering this service to friends, but I try hard to clear the air, to educate the other person as to the true cost and what to expect at the other end. I would like to prevent any misunderstandings.

I'm picking up a couple of cockerels next month from a fellow BYCer and I am quite willing to pay her $25 each for raising them out for me. They'll be around 22 weeks old at that time. Very fair.
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Yes I never sell day olds to about 2 weeks of age for less than $5. each, and it goes up depending on the breed.
Point of lay pullets are $25.00 each and I am not making a cent, but I love it.

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