Selling Emu Eggs

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    Jun 12, 2018
    So, I've been thinking about getting Emus. It's a strong possibility, but before I do, there is one major block I need to get through- selling the eggs. I have no idea where to sell emu eggs, or if people would even take them. They would be non-fertile(as I will get 2 female) so they are eggs to eat. The only place I could think of would be the farmers market. If anyone knows where to sell them in Minnesota or Wisconsin, please let me know!!!!
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    I don't have them (Emu) personally but if you check Etsy and Ebay there is certainly a market for clean, blown out eggs. Emu eggs are just lovely.
    Going this route you could sell them tbrough out the year as you got the time (as opposed to worrying about "freshness") and I'd imagine it's much easier to make a bit of $ this way then jumping through permit hoops to sell them for food.
    Part of what I mean by that is that you listed two different states - I live on the PA /OH border and would have to meet different criteria/fees/permits to sell in each state.
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    First off I just want you to know emus are not very profitable at least when you are selling just the eggs. Emus can easily eat several pounds of feed in a day and a non fertaile egg will sell for $10-25.(emus will lay somewhere between 0-40 eggs to my knowledge). As for who to sell them to I can’t amswer that usually people want the fertilized ones and occasionally hollowed our ones.
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