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I think fly tiers (sp?) usually buy rooset feathers, from the neck & saddle. I dont know about duck feathers though. i imagine you could probably sell them at a flea market or try on craigslist.
With so many ducks loosing feathers all the time I have often wondered of how I could put them to some use.

I occasionally pick up feather form the yard when there are just too many..I have found some very pretty ones and decided to frame some to sell for fund raising for my poultry club.
I just have to find some other frames for the curly tail feathers though...they are gorgeous.
I give the soft fluffy ones to an artist friend of mine who makes decorative masks & such. She loves the soft ones from the frizzles and the "under-down" ones from my bigger chickens.
I have several Ziploc bags full of cockatiel feathers. Unless they're soiled or badly bent / otherwise damaged, I somehow just cannot MAKE myself throw them away.
I need to list them somewhere for crafters to bid on.
I don't know about duck feathers. I know that my parrot feathers I get a really great price for them. One pristine Scarlet Macaw feather I can sometimes sell close to $150. The key is getting them as soon as they're shed so that they're not damaged or pooped on!

where do you sell them at?

i was thinking down feathers. i saw a website in a magizine, but i forgot the url, i googled stuff about selling feathers and got nothing
I have to ask. Who/Why would someone pay $150 for a Scarlet Macaw Feather?
I have a friend that sells peacock tail/train feathers for decoration but I don't know what she gets for them. I myself sell large Flight feathers from my geese when they molt. I sell to a local craft shop that sells to his wholesaler. These are used to make fancy Quills (used to write with before the invention of the steel quill, dipped into an ink pot. The pen knife was used to cut a point on the goose end of a goose feather) They are also used by people who put fancy fake wood grain on wood. I get $0.50 each for good quality and I see them listed in catalogs for $1.
It was suggested on this board that goose feathers are used to fletch arrows, but in truth plastic has pretty much taken their place. I know that certain duck feathers are in demand by people that tie flies used for fly fishing. They are sometimes used in jewerly, dangling earrings....
I myself am in the process of making a fancy hat band from black duck feathers that have that lovely green sheen. ($100 at craft shows)
Granny has some wonderfull pillows stuffed with duck feathers (the small feathers only) which were the extra firm pillows of her time...
And we all know goose down makes the best conforters and filling for cold weather outerwear.
So what does one do with a Scarlet Macaw feather?
Look at some of the listings on ebay. The Native Americans use them for their headdresses. Some of the headdresses they sell go for over $2500 at times. Sometimes more!

When I first listed my macaw feathers on ebay, I started off with a price of 99 cents. It quickly went up to $77. I couldn't believe it! I thought that it would sell for maybe $2 or $3.

I have also donated tons of not so good feathers to St Joseph's school where they use the feathers for crafts. The highest bid was for $150 for a single tail feather, 25 inches long from my Scarlet macaw, Cayanne.

Check out the ebay auctions sometimes. Sometimes there's no market, sometimes the prices go through the roof!

Here's an example. A perfect pair of Catalina Macaw tail far..$102.50 and there's still 20 hours of bidding to go.

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