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6 Years
Jan 1, 2014
so I'm thinking of hatching some more chicks, I live in the UK so autumn is starting. I'm wondering if the cockerels i hatch will be harder to sell during autumn/winter than in say spring or summer? as i cant really afford to keep more than one borderline illegal cockerel in the city
also how do you guys go about selling cockerels (mine wouldn't be show quality), I've previously advertised mine online but I'm wondering if there are any better ways?
I think yes it will be harder to sell during winter but you never know. I have managed to sell two of mine during the summer and have today put two more online so time will tell. If they don't sell I shall be taking them to the local fur and feather auction. Maybe you could check on line to see if you have anything like that in your local area?:frow
ah okay! we have a local live stock market (local = 40 minute drive) where i could potentially sell them although i have never been to one so that would be a whole new experience!!
Yes that's the sort we have here a cattle auction mart and they have a fur and feather every 2 weeks. It's a pretty simple process. I would give them a ring see what they say and what there procedure is. At ours you have to go in and register and give id they then gave me a number card. On the morning of sale take birds in they take a few details and your number and that's it they are entered in the sale. Good luck if that's the route you go down.
ahh it doesnt sound as complicated as i imagined! thanks for the feedback, i was just planning ahead if i decide to hatch another batch this year!
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