Send me good vibes please!


10 Years
Jan 26, 2009
We live in a nice rural subdivision. Everybody has several acres so it's not too bad and we get to have horses, goats, etc.
I've always wanted chickens though and I found a loophole in the deed restrictions that allows us to have chickens if we are in 4H.
So of course I immediately sent in my annual dues to join (age 37 LOL)
And I have 6 semi legal chicks.
Right behind our property is a big ranch and I contacted the owners to see if they would sell us an acre or two to add to our property and they said they'd consider a lease to own deal because the area we want is still leased by a wireless tower company (nothing on that tower though for the last 8 years...)
I was so excited and she was going to talk to her husband about price for lease and purchase, etc.
But I haven't heard back from her.
I am scared the tower people will rain on my parade or they changed their minds.
So please, please send me good poultry vibes!
If I could get that piece of land I could totally go crazy on poultry and nobody could do a thing about it!!!
I could have geese!
And a rooster!
And more chicks!
Maybe quail?

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