Sensor in Automatic Chicken Door

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    I want to get an automatic door and trying to hold costs down. The cheapest way for me is to just get the door with the sensor and not the timer. My problem is that my coop is not located out in the open where light is very prominent. It is tucked in a corner of my yard. The place where the door will be placed is shaded just alittle. It is filtered shade and is not very dark.

    Will this be enough shade for the sensor to work? I would imagine it will still work but probably just open alittle later and close alittle earlier? I am mostly concerned with the door closing too early.

    I do live in the S.F. bay area where we get some fog and cloudy days. It seems that on those days, the chickens adjust and go in earlier. I would think the sensor would also correspond to those days/weather.

    I just don't know how bright the light needs to be for a sensor to work.

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.


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