separate "coops" for roosts and nesting? anyone tried this?


8 Years
Mar 25, 2015
Placer County, CA


I built this 4 x 6 coop last year for my 6 chicks. I'd like to get 3 more chicks in the Spring (but no more, per the city), but i feel their coop will be too crowded. I was thinking, one solution would be to build a smaller, raised coop next to this one for nesting boxes and feed, and turning this current one into, just roosts. Does anyome have experience with a design like this? Do you think it would work for the hens? I cant really think of a way to expand the current one, enough, and still be able to clean it easily since it is not a walk in. Attached is a picture.

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That is what i thouht when considering building another full coop, which is why i thought of this plan - having only the nesting boxes in one and only the roosts in another? One building for sleeping, one for eating and laying?
If what you have works for your current birds, I'd just plan on building a new coop for the new birds. They'll likely be two separate flocks anyway, so sleeping and laying in different areas will come pretty naturally.

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