Separating babies from mom?


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
my hen at work decided to hatch babies, yay! the only problem is that she wont let them near people and they are not getting very friendly because of this. I plan on selling them since i have too many chickens already, so i need them to be friendly, at the very least able to be handled.... they are almost 2 weeks old now, how can i go about separating them from mom without making her too upset?
First off you are way off on your thought's, The Momma hen knows best and of course she won't let them near people at 2 wks
and the chicks are still in the I am scared of everything mode as they should be at that age, it's called nature. Next off why do you think you have they need to make them lap chickens before you sell them ??. I wouldn't attempt to seperate them from the hen until the day you sell them, then there is no problem.
My hen was very protective at the beginning also. However after about 3 weeks we're usually able to pick up the chicks without her pecking us. Feeding them by hand helps. Now at 4 weeks those chicks will even jump up on my lap!

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