Separation Anxiety?


quando omni flunkus moritati
May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
My 6 week old girls are outside for the night. Unfortunately not in their coop because we haven’t managed a door yet, but safely on our deck. They are NOT happy.
They got very loud once we went inside. Much louder than usual. I don’t know if chickens can have separation anxiety or not. They are all together though. (Cross fingers) they have quieted down finally. After nearly an hour. It just seemed very unusual for them. I don’t want to start anything with the neighbors if you know what I mean. And they certainly can’t stay in my kitchen any longer.
Well, nevermind I guess. Apparently it’ll be in the forties tonight so we brought them back in. I should have checked that. Sigh!
Well, nevermind I guess. Apparently it’ll be in the forties tonight so we brought them back in. I should have checked that. Sigh!
You don't have to bring them inside. What's their heating source? Mama heating plate? Or a heat lamp with a light bulb? We put our 2 week old chicks out in the 40s, with a MHP and they did just fine. Chicks will normally cheep constantly for a specific reason: Too cold. Hungry. Some physical distress such as pasty butt, ("OMG I CAN'T POOP!) or they're alone. "I have no flock, where is everyone?" What's your setup for them?
They didn’t have their lamp outside with them because I didn’t know it would be so cold and the quail chick are using it. They are in a large kiddie pool with chicken wire around it, bird netting over the top and our screen is zipped shut. Similar to what they have indoors minus the deck screen. Food , bedding and water of course, too.
They're 6 weeks old. They could be off heat already and able to manage 40 degrees as long as they have a dry, draft free place to spend the night. Coddling them can slow their feathering a bit. Better hustle on that coop build!

As far as their anxiety, it's normal for chicks to be upset when something changes in their routine. Being moved outside would be an example of that. Being a mean person :p I let them cry it out... they'll adjust. I only want them making a fuss when they really need something (aka "help help I escaped my brood area and can't get back in" :rolleyes:).
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They’ve been in their coop for a little over a week now and have learned how to use the ramp :). How do you convince them to go into the coop at night? They have an enclosed run attached to the coop.
With us, my partner called them into the coop every night and then gave them treats - at the time when it was almost dark and they *should* be going in on their own. It only took a few times. When they were inside, she shut the pop door. Just another thing the mama hen would teach them, but now you're the mama hen.

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