seperating the little ones - help


12 Years
May 13, 2011
North Alabama
what's a good re-purposed item I can put in the brooder so the little ones can get a little peace when the big one get to bullying? Just want a little hiding place for the 1.5 week olds. thanks
If you mean that you are putting them in the coop or run with the bigger ones (how much 'bigger' are your big ones?), then you can use anything that will allow the younger ones to hide. When I released my younger ones in the run with my older ones (a couple of which were 9 weeks older and one of them was a few weeks older), I used a piece of drywall. It was sturdy enough to lean against one side of the run and the little ones would be able to stay there comfortably if the older ones were chasing or trying to peck on them.
the little ones fit in a tea cup... the bigger ones are size of a small nurf football. Hopefully these pictures help



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