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  1. Joplus

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    Apr 15, 2014
    Welcome everyone to the September hatch a long! Please either pm or mention in thread what you're hatching and set and due dates and I'll add your info here. Here's what I have so far. Happy Hatching! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Joplus: 36 blue and black copper Marans
    Due: 9/8/15

    6 lemon mileflure sablepoot/booted bantams, 6 mixed colour Polish bantams, 6 Wynadottes (blue laced and buff laced) and 6 Lavender Pekins... So 24 mixture of bantams set 8/21 should hatch sometime around 10th September

    Setting August 27th 12 Silkies (Tricolor Paint and Chocolate/Partridge) due to hatch September 17th.

    Setting August 30th... 18 eggs mix (Friesian Fowl, Thuringian silver spangled bantam, Ayam Cemani and bearded paint silkie large fowl) due to hatch around September 20th

    Setting September 4th 12 eggs (Tricolor Paint silkies and gold laced orpingtons) due to hatch September 25th.

    Tiffmw10:4 in on 8-12, 4 on 8-13 and 6 on 8-14. Due 9/2, 9/3 and 9/4

    Chickendreams24: 9 SQ Sicilian Buttercup eggs(arrived in very bad shape)
    -set 8/16
    -first candle(day7) number down to 2-3 appear viable
    -5 eggs quit and were removed. Decided to give the others more time.
    -due 9/6

    Replacement eggs
    10 SQ Sicilian Buttercup eggs
    2 partridge rock eggs
    -air cells a bit rough
    -set 8/21
    -due 9/11

    Peachickie:Easter Eggers and Orpingtons set 6 days ago (8/20 Due 9/10?)
    Adding some Black Copper Marans and Swedish Flower Hens to the mix (8/29). Also getting some Lavender Orp eggs in the mail next week.

    CuckooChook: BCMs, Olive & Easter Egger, and Ameruacanas set to go into lockdown on the 1st. Couple Blue Orps set to go into lockdown the following week.

    Dramaqueen21888: 2 dozen Easter eggers set Saturday 8/22. Due 9/12

    Gitabooks: set shipped bantams and "dalmatian" bantams from yard flock. Due?

    Gloriajasmine:(Mixed-bantam,barred and austrolorp) Broody setting on 8 bantam eggs. Start date 8-24. Due 9-13

    Cynthia12: 8 silkies set 8/22. Due 9/12

    Zoey87: 12 olive Egger eggs, 7 white leghorn, and 39 eggs from papas poultry (mostly fancy orpingtons, a few partridge brahamas, and a few legbars)
    Set 8/15. Due 9/5.

    WVduckchick: Monday night 8/17, so they should be due 9/7. 32 bantam eggs in a Brinsea 20 Advance.
    17 golden sebrights
    4 silver sebrights
    6 black tail buff Japanese
    5 silver duckwing OEGBs

    Nanakat: Set 8/11 due 9/1 are 14 Columbian Wyandotte, White Wyandotte and 2 Bantam.
    Set 8/17 due 9/2 are 33 Corturnix quail.
    Set 8/18 due 9/7 are 24 eggs from Columbian and White Wyandotte as well as some Delaware Bantam and OEGB.
    Also added 4 developing eggs found behind the refrigerator in the barn,layer mixes.

    Twink90: Ameraucauna & Cinnamon Queens due September 2nd.

    Mswendeu: barred rocks a black sex link and another ? Hen. Set 8/23 due around Sept 13th and some Pekins due??

    CaseyV: 12 (local) bronze turkey eggs due to hatch sept 20.

    Shahann: six eggs yesterday under Tiana the faithful brood hen. The chicks are F1EE (first generation Easter Egger) rooster, and Orpington or Red Sex Link hens. Due: 9/14

    Blkjak: set 13 Jersey Giants set 8/26, due 9/16.

    Junebuggena: Jersey Giant sitting on a combination of Easter Egger, Australorp, and Barred Rock eggs all fathered by my Easter Egger roo. Set 8/26 due 9/16.

    Scovy Momma: Set shipped serama eggs Friday Aug 21st, due 9/9

    Acemario: set 8/23, due 9/13
    2- olive eggers using a wheaten ameraucana
    2 olive eggers using SBELs
    2 olive eggers using frizzles
    3 speckled Sussex
    1 dark barnyard mix

    Draye: 200 Naked Necks set 8/27. Due 9/17

    Generaldsherman: Started my first batch awhile ago; they are due about Sept 8-9. Most of the eggs are brown, blue, or green.

    Chquinta: Broody sitting on some eggs.

    Bbgranch: Set 7 cuckoo Marans eggs (8/30). Guinea hen sitting on 30 eggs, unknown due date.

    Marmca: Set 14 Bresse eggs Thursday (8/27) 6:45 p.m.

    Maikan: 18 Birchen Marans eggs in one of my Bators today (8/30) I also have another 14 wheaten, Blue Black n splash Marans eggs in on day 16 and 9 Cream Leg Bar on day 7 and 1 duck on day 21.

    setting a mix of eggs today (9/1).

    CGilbert: 15 Silver Grey Dorking eggs, but after day 9, I candled and 8 of them were clear/infertile. Today is day 11 (9/1)

    Naliez: Day 19, 8 Silkie eggs in lockdown since yesterday (8/31)

    Browntownfarm: 12 eggs set on 8/24 due 9/13. They are from a red sex link rooster mixed with a silver laced wyandotte.

    ***ok work in progress. I'll keep editing***
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  2. Joplus

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    Apr 15, 2014
  3. bbgranch

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    Jul 22, 2015
    Goldthwaite, Texas
    I'll join you but have to find some eggs. I know I can get dominiques and cuckoo Marans. Might try Ameracaunas. My incubator only holds 7 but that size group seems good for me for now. In addition my goofy guineas have about 30 eggs piled in the coop. I left them there to see if anybody would sit on them. I'm not sure what's happening there but I took out a random egg and candled it and there was some development. I guess I'll just leave them for awhile and see what happens.
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  4. Ciryluk3g

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    Jun 28, 2015
    Ipswich, UK
    I will be joining you in a few days... On Friday I'll be setting a cocktail of different bantams; 6 lemon mileflure sablepoot/booted bantams, 6 mixed colour Polish bantams, 6 Wynadottes (blue laced and buff laced) and 6 Lavender Pekins... So 24 mixture of bantams should hatch sometime around 10th September and will be my last hatch of the year as it will be starting to get a bit cold here to put them outside.
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  5. Roxie479

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    May 27, 2013
    Ashe County, NC
    I'll be setting my eggs in a few days. I will be adding silkies and baby doll Cochin eggs. Happy hatching :)
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  6. Joplus

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    Apr 15, 2014
    Oh yay. I thought I missed some formality to the way to start a HAL. Ok well happy hatching everyone![​IMG]
  7. tiffmw10

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    Mar 22, 2014
    Hi! I put 4 in on 8-12, 4 on 8-13 and 6 on 8-14. The first weeks of September should be exciting! I'm at 99.5 and hovering between 40-50% humidity.
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  8. chickendreams24

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    Jul 30, 2015
    Wisconsin, USA
    Am joining the hatch-a-long will add all my info shortly
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  9. Peachickie

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    Apr 13, 2015
    Northern California
    I'm setting some Easter Eggers and Orpingtons tomorrow! Happy Hatching [​IMG]
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  10. chickendreams24

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    Jul 30, 2015
    Wisconsin, USA
    I was shipped 12 SQ Sicilian Buttercup eggs last Saturday. They arrived in really rough shape many are porous, three shattered, lots of broken and/or rolling air cells some of the air cells have since reattached some mostly reattached. Most of the air cells have at least gone back together into one bubble. They were set Sunday and candled today before I went into lockdown on two black oegb eggs I have. Some appear to have very early development but I don't expect much at this point, or at all from these poor abused eggs. The seller is also shipping me replacement eggs free of charge will let everyone know how they arrive. Should be receiving 10 Buttercups and two partridge rocks tomorrow or the next day(Friday) Saturday at the latest.

    This is my second hatch but my first staggered hatch. I'm hoping that because the eggs are far apart in days and bc the buttercups are porous it wont negatively affect them. There are only two oegb eggs I'm hoping they hatch quickly.

    My first hatch had some problems with sticky chick and membranes drying so the chicks had trouble zipping and we lost two I saved one and as they were shipped eggs we also lost 3 other chicks that never pipped. All in the wrong position but absorbed egg yolks.

    As such I do plan on helping if necessary. However I'm hoping I have a better idea and hatch now. We'll see in a few days as the oegb were alive and well at last candle.

    Temps have been pretty steady at 99.5-100 did spike briefly Sunday to 101 for maybe a minute. Humidity has been running between 32-42% but is currently raised for lockdown on the oegb. It was 65% when last I checked.
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